Restoration of the old convent of los Terceros

Sevilla, Sevilla, Andalucía.

Dating of the building: 1602.

Applicant: Municipal Water Supply and Sanitation Company of Seville.

Reason for the award :

For the effort involved in the completion of the renovations, as well as the salvage work carried out when restoring this historic space.

The Palace of the Dukes of Arcos and the Los Terceros Convent were saved from complete demolition when they were bought by the municipal water company of Seville, which restored them and adapted them as their headquarters.

The Europa Nostra gold medal awarded in 1990 for the restoration of two neighbouring buildings, the Palace of the Dukes of Arcos and the Convent of the Third. The palace, built between the 14th and 15th centuries, and courthouse in the 19th century, was renovated into an educational center after its purchase by the Piarist fathers in 1887. In 1952 this religious community decided to purchase the neighbouring convent of the Third, a unique example of Andalusian Baroque architecture built around two sober cloisters. To expand the school, both buildings are joined, altering their original architecture. The sale of the two historic buildings to a real estate company almost led to their complete demolition. Only a tower and a Renaissance-style loggia could be saved from the palace of the Dukes of Arcos.

The action of EMASESA, a municipal water company in Seville, was responsible for preventing the disappearance of the complex, by purchasing it to turn it into a registered office. Thus, they undertook recovery work and general consolidation of this typically Sevillian complex.

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