To commemorate its 40th anniversary, Hispania Nostra has set up “Re-Conociendo el Patrimonio Español en Europa“, a roving and pioneering exhibition that for the first time has granted a global focus to the impact of the Europa Nostra Heritage Awards in a single country, Spain. The exhibition is an immersive proposal for an amazing journey that reveals the immense wealth and the great professionals who work for heritage in our country. Spain is the country that has received the greatest number of Europa Nostra Awards: Come and discover. Congratulations to all of them.

Elvas (Portugal)

Nossa Senhora da Graça Fort

From 26th June 2024
to 30th July 2024

Rome (Italy)

Royal Spanish Academy

From 19th December 2023
to 4th February 2024

Brussels (Belgium)

Lex Building

From 12th September 2023
to 30th October 2023

Jerusalem (Israel)

Austrian Pilgrim Hospice in Jerusalem

From 15th June 2022
to 31st August 2022

Chengdu (China)

Shaocheng Shijing Cultural Creative Industry Park y Qionglai Art Museum

From 24th September 2021
to 22nd November 2021

Shanghai (China)

Tongji University Museum

From 1st May 2020
to 31st May 2020

Gandía (Valencia)

Campus de Gandía (UPV)

From 5th May 2019
to 30th May 2019

Alcoy (Valencia)

Campus de Alcoy (UPV)

From 5th April 2019
to 30th April 2019


Hall del Campus de Vera (Escuela de Arquitectura de UPV)

From 12th March 2019
to 2nd April 2019

Boadilla del Monte (Madrid)

Palacio del Infante Don Luis

From 11th December 2018
to 3rd January 2019


Museo de Valladolid

From 6th November 2018
to 10th December 2018

Lorca (Murcia)

Palacio Huerto Ruano

From 3rd October 2018
to 4th November 2018


Patio de los Naranjos de la Mezquita-Catedral

From 3rd September 2018
to 1st October 2018


Mercado Colón de Valencia

From 14th March 2017
to 20th April 2017


Sede de la Diputación de Málaga

From 26th January 2017
to 10th March 2017

El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)

Bodegas Osborne

From 19th December 2016
to 22nd January 2017


Teatro Auditorio de Cuenca

From 7th November 2016
to 14th December 2016

Morella (Alicante)

Convento de San Francisco en Morella

From 7th October 2016
to 1st November 2016

Tarazona (Zaragoza)

Catedral de Santa María de la Huerta

From 7th September 2016
to 2nd October 2016


Antic Ajuntament de Tarragona

From 3rd August 2016
to 3rd September 2016

Mirambel (Teruel)

Convento de las Monjas Agustinas

From 6th July 2016
to 31st July 2016


Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos (COAM)

From 23rd May 2016
to 30th June 2016