Algaba education centre

Dating of the building: 2002 - 2015.

Applicant: María Auxiliadora Sánchez Elena.

Reason for the award :

For encouraging the best practices in heritage conservation, stimulating the exchange of expertise between all European countries, increasing the knowledge and appreciation of European cultural heritage.

Algaba de Ronda safeguards the heritage of its mountain range while creating jobs, serving as a training tool, and preventing the flight of intellectual capital from the area.

Algaba, forest in Arabic, is a paradise of holm oaks, gall oaks, and cork oaks, only a few kilometres from the city of Ronda. It’s located between the Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra de Grazalema Natural Parks, in the Intercontinental Reserve of the Mediterranean.

Algaba de Ronda is a business initiative that works under the principles of social economy and ecology and develops its activities in three disciplines: environmental education, agroecology, and archaeological experimentation. The different lines of the venture are based on a group of people with multidisciplinary training and professional careers working on the conservation, research, and dissemination of natural, cultural, and historical heritage, devoting all their efforts to Ronda’s legacy. It houses a Prehistoric History Park, an ornithological and geological observatory, a Nature workshop, and a centre dedicated to Andalusian breeds of cattle in danger of extinction. A group of companies and social entities are actively involved in Algaba’s team, giving quality to the different services provided and creating substantial economic cooperation in this rural area. Thus establishing a patrimonial management model that creates employment, attracts local capital, and generates income in the territory.

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