School contest “The Nine Secrets”

Applicant: Historical Heritage of Castile and Leon Foundation (today Santa María la Real Historical Heritage Foundation).

Reason for the award :

For to the pedagogical interest of this contest that is convened annually by the Historical Heritage of Castile and Leon Foundation, aimed at teachers, high school students, and students of technical programmes in that community, to promote the consciousness of young people towards historical heritage and make society aware of the collective responsibility for its care and conservation.

Sponsored by the current Santa María la Real Historical Heritage Foundation, this contest has proven to be the best vehicle for engaging students in heritage protection and stimulating them as active agents for its conservation.

Convened annually from 2001 to 2014, The Nine Secrets contest has been aimed at students in the 4th year of Secondary Education, Baccalaureate, and Technical Programmes from schools in the nine provinces of the Castile and Leon region.

Its objective is to raise in students public awareness regarding heritage, promoting the idea of ​​the need for preservation, as well as encouraging teachers and students to present quality work on the movable, immovable, or archaeological heritage that needs to be recovered. The effort made is rewarded with cultural trips. Some of these works have motivated the restoration of various elements of our heritage that have been incorporated into the activities of the Foundation. So far, some 2,500 people have participated.

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