Romanesque Encyclopedia in Castile and Leon

Aguilar de Campoo, Palencia, Castilla y León.
Special mention / Diploma in the category Research in the year 2003.

Dating of the building: 1993-2003.

Applicant: Juan Carlos Prieto Vielba. Center for Romanesque Studies-Santa María la Real Foundation.

Reason for the award :

To the exceptional editorial work on the Romanesque heritage in Castile and Leon.

For ten years, between 1993 and 2003, the Santa María la Real Foundation has made an enormous effort of academic coordination, which has resulted in the systematic and definitive compendium of Castilian-Leon Romanesque art.

The Encyclopedia of the Romanesque is one of the most significant editorial works carried out in Spain in the classifying, study, and diffusion of our Historical Heritage. The work strives to be a detailed catalogue of all the artistic testimonies of the Romanesque style, many of which have never been studied, and of which a good part is at risk of disappearance. Romanesque art coincides with the formation of many of the existing territories, and landscapes we know today, and with the most intense moment of the religious faith that is still present in our culture. Through the paintings and sculptures, we can also see a world and traditions that have remained almost unchanged but, in recent decades, have suffered a process of irremediable extinction. The Romanesque period also coincides with the authentic formation of a European identity, evidenced in the expansion of shared artistic forms in territories that feel part of the same culture.

The Encyclopedia thus becomes the latest attempt to register a rich heritage through descriptions, plans, and photographs.

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