Ene Térmica, Nacional Energy Museum

Ponferrada, León, Castilla y León.

Dating of the building: 1920 - 1940.

Applicant: Ciudad de la Energía Foundation (CIUDEN).

Reason for the award :

The Jury especially valued the respect shown towards this heritage, allowing the place to preserve its special atmosphere and to offer, at the same time, a broader appreciation of the social and labour conditions generated in its environment.

The Light Factory, Museum of Energy arises from the conservation and rehabilitation of the sophisticated functional buildings of a power plant, abandoned in 1971, and its equipment.

The Ponferrada Minero Siderúrgica (MSP) thermal power plant and the auxiliary movable and immovable components that make up the complex, is an indisputable heritage unit both because of its architectural, morphological, technical, and productive characteristics, and for creating a landmark and social model in the territory of Ponferrada. Given its importance as a recognized element of the national industrial heritage and as a symbolic place that gathers wide cultural recognition, the recovery and enhancement of the various components that make up this architectural unit of the industrial history of Spain were proposed, in the form of The Light Factory, Museum of Energy.

This museum project has recovered the old MSP thermal power plant, respecting an old heritage space, degraded and with complex industrial content. In addition, it has been proposed in a parallel way to recover the historical memory of all those people who either worked there or did so in any of the sections of the old company that owned the site. This last task has been fulfilled, incorporating the biographical records into the records of the museum and its walls. In addition to obtaining the Europa Nostra award, the Energy Museum was nominated in 2015 for the EMYA awards as Best European Museum.

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