Cabins of the Mediterranean Coast. Catalogue of Valencia and its surroundings

El Palmar, el Perellonet, Alfafar, Cararoja y otros, Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana.
Special mention / Diploma in the category Research in the year 2009.

Dating of the building: 19th century.

Applicant: Juan Antonio García Esparza.

Reason for the award :

For his contribution to the study and cataloging of one of the forms of traditional architecture most linked to the Valencian landscape and to the market gardening tradition in particular, a victim for decades of urban pressure and urban growth.

The continuous disappearance of centuries-old cabins justifies the importance of Juan Antonio García Esparza’s work.

The award refers to an investigation on the cataloging of the last centenary barracas  (cabins) that have survived to this day in Valencia and its surroundings, establishing analogies with other areas at a national and international level. The study exposes the complexity of its maintenance and dynamization, making a detailed analysis of its construction methods and traditional techniques. Its interest lies in the absence of previous works about this type of vernacular housing in such an exhaustive and complete way, analyzing it from a constructive point of view as well as a historical and catalogue point of view. The investigation compiles all the existing examples of pre-industrial cabins around Valencia, Alboraia and Almàssera. Some of them have either already disappeared or are at risk of doing so, so the author reflects on the need to protect this rich legacy of Mediterranean vernacular architecture.

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