Cabanyal Live Archive

Dating of the building: 2011 - 2013.

Applicant: Lupe Frígols.

Reason for the award :

When awarding El Cabañal: a living archive, in Valencia, the Jury wanted to underline the importance of citizen initiative when it is aware of its responsibility concerning cultural heritage at an urban, social, artistic, and cultural level.

The project shows to what extent the consciousness of citizens towards the historic seafront of Valencia can be awakened through sustainable urban planning.

Cabanyal Live Archive is a digital archive that collects actions carried out in real space, or designed for the internet, as a resistance strategy against the speculative urban plans that weigh on the historic Cabanyal neighborhood in Valencia. Cabanyal Live Archive covers the pedagogical field (with the realization of material on the architectural and cultural heritage of the neighborhood), the social (through meetings and round tables with specialists and neighborhood associations of the maritime coast), and the artistic (with a series of proposals based on geolocation concepts and the edition of a special issue of the magazine The most beautiful beach).

Many are the projects integrated into the Cabanya Live Archive. Let’s talk about El Cabanyal offers a kaleidoscopic vision of the neighborhood throughout the historical accounts of those who lived it and live it in the first person. Virtual drifts in the Cabanyal consists of four projects carried out by artist groups in which geolocation devices are used to offer different views of the neighborhood. Playing and learning from Cabanyal brings together recreational and educational proposals designed so that school-age children can get to know the buildings that make up the Cabanyal neighborhood based on their architectural and heritage values. “La más bella Playa” is a magazine founded in 1998, which offers a monographic edition on a topic in each of its issues. Thanks to all these activities, Cabanyal Live Archive has become a tool that gives a voice to citizens and social groups against abuses by public administration and the interests of the large real estate financial groups present in the city.

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