Friends of Serrablo association

Sabiñánigo, Huesca, Aragón.

Dating of the building: 10th - 13th century.

Applicant: Friends of Serralbo Association.

Reason for the award :

For the work carried out by one of the most active heritage defense associations that, through years of work, has managed to rehabilitate numerous churches in the Huesca Pyrenees and the creation of two significant museums.

More than 800 associates have been fighting for 32 years in defense of the heritage of the Pyrenees of Huesca.

The Serrablo region is located in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees, north of the province of Huesca, around the Gállego river basin. In this geographical setting, the Friends of Serralbo Association was born in 1971. Its objectives were quite specific: to rescue from ruin a series of Mozarabic and Romanesque churches on the brink of disappearance. Over the years, these objectives have gone beyond the restoration of religious architecture and have been expanded to cultural projects of different kinds. Thus, the Museum of Popular Arts and the Castle of Larrés Drawing Museum have been created, the first on this subject in our country. Along the same lines, conferences and working groups have been organized, a school/workshop has been founded, responsible for many of the restorations, and many publications have been issued. The Mozarabic churches of Ordovés, Lasieso and San Bartolomé de Gavín, and the Romanesque ones of Orna de Gállego, Orús and Rapún are just some of the many churches restored at the initiative of the Friends of Serrablo.

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