Network Tramontana III

Grand Prix, Medal/Award in the category Research in the year 2020.

Applicant: Silvia Pallini, LEM-Italy Association (Languages of Europe and the Mediterranean).

Reason for the award :

The project promotes an idea of European identity, and especially of Alpine heritage, common throughout Europe; it is an excellent example of international cooperation between researchers with experience in different fields of study; the methodology used is applicable throughout the continent.

Long years of field research have shown the great potential of the resources of Alpine Europe. These represent laboratories where it is possible to experiment with new forms of social, cultural, and economic cohesion while respecting biodiversity.

The Tramontana III Network is the result of the collaboration of more than 50 associated entities belonging to five different countries: France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Spain. The project, financed 60% by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, constitutes an in-depth study of the intangible heritage of European rural and mountain communities. Its objective is to safeguard this heritage through its documentation and dissemination and revitalize it by creating new resources and forms of cultural, social, and economic cohesion.

Red Tramontana III is based on the previous work of the Red Tramontana I (2012-2013) and Red Tramontana II (2014-2015) projects that carried out more than 1,200 field investigations related to linguistics, anthropology, soundscapes, and ethnomusicology, among others. Photographic, written, and audiovisual records were collected that today constitute a well-structured database, available on the Internet, of great interest for the study and promotion of culture in these regions.

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