International Heritage Photographic Experience (IHPE-EPIM)

Barcelona, Barcelona, Cataluña.

Dating of the building: 1992 - 2015.

Applicant: Jaume Sobrequés i Callicó, Museum of the History of Catalonia.

Reason for the award :

For the constant work to disseminate and raise awareness of cultural heritage, especially among young people, and for the international dimension that this experience has acquired, its integration into the dynamics of the European Heritage Days, organized annually by the Council of Europe.

Year after year, since 1992, EPIM involves more young people from more European countries, interested in photographically reflecting their relationship with monumental heritage.

Organized by the Catalonia Regional Government, the International Photographic Experience of Monuments (EPIM) has seen stable growth and international implantation since its first call in 1992. The programme aims to stimulate new generations to become aware of their history and cultural legacy through photographic documentation. This experience is an international initiative that brings together photographers from more than forty countries with one common thread through European cultural heritage. Every year, the work of the best participants is presented in an exhibition, and a catalogue is published. In Catalonia, the experience takes place during the academic year and young schoolchildren photographically manifest their relationship with the historical and patrimonial legacy that surrounds them. EPIM has become, year after year, an incomparable initiative in the significant and challenging task of bringing young people closer to the monumental heritage.

Catálogo IHPE-EPIM 2011

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